CheapSMS - лучший сервис смс активаций с самой низкой ценой и арендой в 4 часа

What is

  • Rent virtual numbers for 20 minutes and receive SMS automatically.
  • The number is given only to you, to anyone else! We do not sell rooms on the 2 circle.
  • You do not need to buy physical sim cards
  • high speed (receiving sms with activation codes for 2-20 seconds)
  • all Russian operators are supported (mts, beeline, megaphone, tele2)
  • operations are performed automatically.
  • it is proposed to receive SMS for registration on the network without using physical SIM-cards. Verification on dubious resources is no longer spam!
  • An extensive database of numbers, individual numbers and full automation allow you to build your solutions through the API and effectively promote accounts on such platforms:

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